Dr. Susan Meyers Fosnot

Dr. Susan Meyers Fosnot has been a licensed and certified speech language pathologist and member of American Speech Language Hearing Association since 1974. Fascinated with the communication process and a passion for assisting people in overcoming their speech and language disorders, Dr. Fosnot realized that not all the impairments could be resolved from what was learned in the undergraduate and graduate classroom. Being exposed to pioneers in the profession as an undergraduate, Dr. Fosnot was enlightened to gain additional knowledge in a field that she cherished. After working in a variety of settings as a speech-language pathologist, Dr. Fosnot enrolled in a doctoral program to expand her knowledge-base and begin a research training program.

Dr. Fosnot was awarded a pre-doctoral research grant from the University of Texas at Dallas. She also was awarded 4 post doctoral research grants from the National Institutes of Health and 1 from the United States Department of Education. Grants have given Dr. Fosnot an extended opportunity to pursue research interests in the areas of interpersonal processes of stutterer listener relationships, observing acoustic characteristics in vowels of the children at risk and not at risk to stutter; designing a fluency development program for at risk preschool children who stutter, and the prosodic elements of speech production in children with stuttering and autism. In 1985 and again in 1992, Dr. Fosnot was the recipient of ASHF Awards.

Dr. Fosnot has been the author of several papers and scholarly articles. Over 20 refereed publications appear in the most scholarly journals ranging from Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, Brain and Language, Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, Journal of Fluency Disorders, to Language Speech and Hearing Services in the Schools. She has been an Associate Editor for Journal of Fluency Disorders, guest associate editor for Language Speech and Hearing Services in the Schools, and the Chair of the Teaching and Certification Committee for the International Fluency Association. Dr. Fosnot has over 60 refereed presentations, which she has delivered at local, state, national, and international meetings from 1981 to 1997. She is the author of the book, The Fluency Development System for Young Children. Dr. Fosnot has been a guest lecturer, visiting faculty member, and workshop leader at universities, colleges, hospitals, International meetings, and public school programs in the United States, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway, France, Greece, and The Netherlands. Dr. Fosnot has been a technical advisor for the television (TELEPICTURES) and motion picture (DREAMWORKS) industry. Some of the projects have required technical advising in the field of communicative disorders. She has coached actors for roles that require the actor to develop communication impairments or improvement of communication skills. Her most recent coaching was with the movie Paulie where she taught a preschool actress to stutter.

Dr. Fosnot was a member of the phonetics lab at the University of California at Los Angeles in Linguistics. Currently, she is a private practitioner in Woodland Hills California with a dedication to working with children with various communication disorders. She has an active practice (over 40 hours per week) devoted to families with speech, language, and communication disorders. Dr. Fosnot's philosophy has been that "There is always room for one more child in need" of a scientifically-based approach that targets the communication deficit with precision, effectiveness, dedication, and state-of-the-art tools and technology.

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